1. Vitamin D3

    800 IU per day for infants

    2,500 IU per day for children

    5,000 IU per day for adults

2.  Multiple Vitamin-Mineral

    Should be copper free (less that 100 micrograms) and iron free

3.  Omega-3 fatty acids


     The DHA should be greater than the EPA (2.1/1 Ratio) 900 mg of EPA + DHA per day


     Has an ideal ratio of ALA, EPA, DHA and GLA

4.   Omega-3 Antioxidants

      ( 1 Complete Omega-3 Co-Factors)

5.   Mitochondrial Health (adults only)

      A)    Acetyl-l-caritine          680 mg per day

      B)    Alpha-lipoic acid         240 mg per day

      C)    Co Q 10                      10 mg per day

6.   Increase Glutathione

       A)    N-Acetyl Cysteine, or NAC:

               Children          120 mg per day               2 per day

               Adults              240 mg per day              4 per day

       B)    Undenatured Whey Protein:

               Children            7 grams per day            1 scoop per day

               Adults               21 grams per day          3 scoops per day

 7.   Resveratrol             adults only           100 mg per day

8. Curcumin (Tumeric)  adults only           200 mg per day