When you are involved in an automobile accident there is minimal relationship between the vehicle damage and the driver/passenger injuries. Research has shown that with a pre-impact automobile speed of 8.2 mph, the forces that were applied to the head/neck were 2 1/2 times greater that the forces that were applied to the vehicle. It also shows that impact speeds of 9 mph were needed to begin to initiate structural damage to the vehicle.

Every accident or trauma has the potential to damage your body's structural balance by causing subluxations. These subluxations can result in fatigue, arthritic changes, ligament damage, disc injuries, pinched nerves, muscle weakness and overall body malfunction. Too often, severe health problems can begin with just a little bump, shake-up or whiplash that caused a subluxation.

Accident victims sometimes continue to suffer from pain, weakness, and disability for months and even years after the accident, people continue to live their life never fully recovering from the accident. They have pain and disability that constantly reminds them that they were hurt and never fully recovered from their injury.

Chiropractic care can help to reduce their symptoms and correct their subluxations, which in turn can eliminate or greatly reduce their pain safely, quickly and without surgery. Anyone who has been in an accident, whether mild or severe, should see a chiropractor to have their body structure analyzed and checked for subluxations and nerve pressure. A chiropractic adjustment can make the difference between a life with pain and a life pain free.