Common symptoms during pregnancy are nausea, morning sickness, shortness of breath, swollen ankles/feet, back aches, leg cramps and high blood pressure. Something you are going to have to endure for 37-42 weeks; however, the intensity of these symptoms can be decreased and sometimes even stopped all together with one simple thing: Chiropractic Care.

While pregnant your body works daily producing a living being, in doing so it needs to be at its most optimum level. If you have a vertebra that is misaligned during pregnancy it can affect the way your bodies’ nervous system operates. Without a misalignment your body will function better and will have higher resistance to disease.

During pregnancy your body releases Pitocin to help create elasticity in your joints and ligaments to prepare your body for the birthing process. If your pelvis is imbalanced it could change the positioning of your baby and also reduce your body’s ability to dilate for delivery. A chiropractic adjustment will help align your pelvis and also help to prevent an issue known as intrauterine constraint, which will also help reduce the risk of having a breech baby.

Chiropractors are trained to gently adjust pregnant women. They are equipped with tables and pillows that help make adjustments comfortable and prevent unwanted pressure on the abdomen. Pregnant moms who take the time to seek Chiropractic care enjoy their pregnancies and keep their bodies and their baby’s bodies happy and healthy.